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How To Feel Comfortable With Pleaser Shoes!!

Uncomfortable shoes do exist, and I happen to own some of them. But every girl knows that some shoes are not comfortable, and we wear them anyway because they are trendy and look amazing.

Pain for the sake of beauty.

Why should you spend an entire day thinking of your slippers? There are things you can do to make your shoes comfier because going barefoot in public is not always the solution.

These 6 tips and tricks will succeed in making the experience of wearing high heels somewhat more pleasant. They may even change your most painful shoes into something resembling comfort.

Unfortunately, some of them will never improve, but that doesn't mean you can't try!

  • A good solution is to invest in a shoe stretcher that you will use for all your tight shoes. Just put them in the shoe to stretch out as much as you want and to give them more flexibility.
  • Fill a ziplock bag with water and place the bag inside the shoe. Put them in the freezer overnight, and they will stretch. The water freezes and expands the shoe. Genius!
  • Try also filling your tight shoes with soft wrapping paper soaked with pure alcohol, and in the morning they will be ready to wear!
  • Another way is to wear your shoes with thick woollen socks... I know, even thinking about it hurts! Then, take the blow dryer and start warming up the part of the shoe that squeezes you. The heat will expand them, giving you the comfort you need.
  • Also, there are some shoe stretcher products on the market like spray or foam but I have not tried them. However they say that you apply them on the shoes, you put the shoes on and as easy as that, they stretch.
  • Finally, if you are bored to do any of the above you can give them to your neighborhood cobbler to have them stretched and if you're lucky enough to live close to a good one, make him your BFF now!

I'm sure you've just thought of those beautiful but tight shoes that you got last year, and you did not wear them. I think it's about time!